The Uncomplicated Kitchen Formula

The Uncomplicated Kitchen Formula: 3 Steps To Easing the Stress of Weeknight Cooking
Intro and Welcome!
Welcome to Uncomplicated Kitchen! Here's what we'll be covering, why this is important, and just how you'll be able to go from overwhelmed to chilled out in your own kitchen on weeknights. 
Welcome! [Part 1: 1m 36s]
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Here's what's inside [Part 2: 6m 21s]
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UK Tool Kit
I recommend printing these off at the start of your course and binding them, even if "binding" just means putting them in a designated folder. 

If you print just one thing off, make it the roadmap. Use colored pencils, a pen, etc to fill in the steps as you move through the Uncomplicated Kitchen Formula so that at the end, you've made sure you hit all the important steps in the road to getting your kitchen life on track. Watching the steps get checked off keeps you motivated to get to the end!

Each section will come with its own worksheets, recipe lists, etc, and printing them out and holding them physically in your hands helps motivate you to finish the course. 
[START HERE] Uncomplicated Kitchen Roadmap
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Post-It Note Method Print-Out
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Beg, Borrow, and Steal Meal Plan Print-Out
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Cookbook Workthrough Meal Plan Print-Out
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Theme Nights Meal Plan Print-Out
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Batch Cooking Meal Plan Print-Out
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Recipe Pack: One Pan/One Pot Starter Recipes
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(bonus!) Free access to the PK Resource Library
Step 1: Meal Planning and Meal Prep
In this second step of the formula, you'll learn how to put together a meal plan that works for your family and situation. I'll cover different types of meal plans, how to find recipes that WORK, and how you can create a quick meal plan without spending a ton of time on it! Then, we'll move into how to set up a meal prep structure and plan from your weekly meal plan- and how to fit that in when you don't have a ton of time. 
[video] Meal Planning and Prep Breakdown
8 mins
[pdf] The 8 Types of Meal Plans (and how you fit in)
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[audio] 8 Types of Meal Plans (and how you fit in)
8 mins
Create a 5 Minute Meal Plan Using Evernote
Creating a Meal Prep Structure.pdf
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Creating a Meal Prep Structure.pdf
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[audio] different diets at dinnertime.mp3
7 mins
[pdf] Dealing With Different Diets at Dinnertime
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[audio] meal planning services.mp3
12 mins
[audio] Different Diets at Dinnertime
7 mins
[pdf] Meal Plan Paid Services and Databases
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[audio] Meal Plan Paid Services and Databases (do you need them?)
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[pdf] Equipment for Meal Prepping
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Step 2: One Pan/One Pot Meals
In this section, we'll cover how you can utilize one pot/one pan meals in your kitchen to cut down on time spent cooking and cleaning. We'll cover how to use your Instant Pot, how to use your crock pot, why you'll love sheet pan cooking, ways to prevent your meat from drying out while you're cooking, quick and simple recipes you can ready in the morning so dinner is easy to go at night. 
[video] Intro to One Pan/One Pot Recipes
10 mins
[video] Intro to the Instant Pot
13 mins
[audio] Intro to the Instant Pot
13 mins
[video] Common Instant Pot Issues & Troubleshooting
13 mins
[audio] Instant Pot Common Issues and Troubleshooting
11 mins
[audio] Interview with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship
22 mins
[video] Interview with Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship
22 mins
[video] Sheet Pan Meals
13 mins
Step 3: Pantry Meals (Having a Backup Plan)
We'll be covering "backup meals", where you're creating freezer meals and pantry meals to help you out on those inevitable nights where your meal plan falls apart and you need quick dinner, stat. 
[video] Overview of Module 3: Backup Meals
4 mins
[pdf] Lesson 1 & 2 Freezer Meals Breakdown
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Lesson 1 Freezer Meals Breakdown.mp3
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Lesson 2 Safe Thawing.mp3
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Lesson 3 Freezer Meal Kits
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[audio] Lesson 3 Freezer Meal Kits.mp3
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[pdf] How to Prepare for a Batch Cooking Session
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[audio] How to Prepare for a Batch Cooking Session
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Lesson 4: Pantry Meals
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[audio] Lesson 4 Pantry Meals.mp3
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Uncomplicated Kitchen Bonuses
[download] 200 Freezer Meals
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[download] 30 Freezer Meal Kits
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[download] 35 Pantry Meals
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Meal Plan #1.pdf
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Meal Plan #2.pdf
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Meal Plan #3.pdf
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