Create a 5 Minute Meal Plan Using Evernote by Ruthy Kirwan

Create a 5 Minute Meal Plan Using Evernote

Stop spending so much time meal planning! My quick and easy system makes it simple to figure out a meal plan every week, and factors in what you've already got on hand so you can save money, waste less, and relax more.

What's included?

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12 mins
Step-by-Step Breakdown to Setting up Your Evernote

Weeknight Recipes and Routines for Busy Parents

I'm Ruthy, and here at Percolate Kitchen my passion is to make working parents feel like their weeknights at home give space to decompress- not feel like they're a pulling a second shift. Using easy systems, routines, and simple recipes, I'll show you how to make your home a haven from 5-9pm.